Casa Altamar’s on-site restaurant gives off a modern bistro vibe while relaxing with friends and family so you feel at home away from home.

The dynamic menu features options that are of Mexican-Caribbean influence so you can choose from our old and new world dishes. Each curated from classic Yucatecan recipes yet finished with a modern twist. Compliment your meal with a refreshing Mexican drink made by our mixologists.


“We want you to feel as though you’ve stepped into a new world where you can experience our authentic cuisine that is uniquely yours”

“ There are no bordersto Mexican food and the idea that we can do better every year is something we take very seriously “

“Our passion is the combination of modern method sand

traditional cooking techniques. It’s very much a fusion

of the old world with the new”

“Our Mexican list of wines includes favourites like Sauvignon Clancor Chardonnay, and even a PinotNoir. We
also offer a selection of rose and sparkling wines. A
small but selected selection of Mexico .Relax and
enjoy a weekend beach at the bar”